The perfect service for mobile gamers

Helping gamers share the fun

  •  Game channels exclusive for mobile games

    Create mobile game exclusive channels including homepage, community, and support center which are optimized for each game.

    1. Game title image
    2. Game download links
    3. Customizable URL address for the game
  •  Exclusive community for gamers

    Connect gamers to gamers. Effortlessly share messages, screenshots and YouTube gameplay videos.

  •  Gamer profile

    Personalize profile pages provided individually to gamers by uploading profile pics and greetings.

  •  Service features

    App store links for game downloads and post boards for announcements, events and game guides are provided.

  •  Support center

    Customizable FAQs and inquiry management service for efficiently providing solutions for gamers if any issues arise.

  •  Multi-platform and device support

    Designed with responsive HTML5, NANOO can be used in iOS, Android as well as all smartphones, tablets and desktops.

  •  Global language support

    NANOO supports English, Chinese (Both simplified and traditional), Japanese and Korean for games going global.

  •  SNS login service

    Login support via SNS including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others makes NANOO convenient to use.

Admin mode for live service

For use by indie developers, publishers or anyone

  •  Channels

    A game channel can be created after game registration. Additionally, channel URL, title image, and app store links can be customized.

    1. Game registration
    2. App store download link registration
    3. Channel customization
  •  Announcements/Events

    Register announcements to be displayed to gamers. Set date periods for events with banner images.

  •  Boards

    Add, modify or delete boards with different types of layouts and permission levels.

  •  Support Center

    Manage FAQs and user inquiry categories. Features for efficiently processing user inquiries are provided.

  •  Gamers

    See all the joined gamers of the channel. Manage banned gamers.

  •  Statistics

    Statistics for answered and unanswered inquiries are provided. They can be sorted by time period, category, and inquiry processed by each operator.

  •  Operators

    Operator accounts for managing post boards and support center can be added and managed. Permission level and timezone can be set for each operator.

  •  Developer Center

    Guide and API, for linking Announcements, Events and Official Content (Enables posting of official game achievements), are provided.

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