Great live service leads to a successful mobile game

Even more important than number of downloads, keeping existing gamers is crucial

Why it is important

With more than 600,000 games, UAC is on the rise. Marketing and service strategies need a overhaul to adapt to the increasing rate of content consumption.

Effect of a successful live service

Daily active users (DAU) and life cycle of a game can be increased by over 2 times, effectively resulting in revenue growth by 2, 4, or 8 times.

Where do I start?

Always communicate with your game users. Provide announcements with updates and events. Provide users with a community to share the fun of the game.

NANOO provides live service for FREE

Create Homepage, Community and Support Center in minutes


Homepage for game information, announcements, events, and app store links is provided. It is optimized to display for all smartphones, tablets and desktops.


Online community optimized for mobile games are provided. Add more fun by connecting gamers to gamers and share messages, images, and videos.

Support Center

Customizable FAQ and inquiry management service are provided. Pre-saved responses and inquiry history make quick and efficient responses possible.

Over 200 games use NANOO

Provide gamers around the world with a complete live service.

Global Service Support

NANOO supports commonly used languages in English, Chinese, Japanese and more. Account logins through Facebook, Twitter and other SNS are provided. Start your global service with NANOO.

Powerful Admin Tools

Mobile game indie developers, publishers and companies are provided with powerful admin tools. Amazing features by NANOO can be customized for efficient management.

Successful References

Games using NANOO have increased daily active users (DAU) and revenue that exceed expectations. Check out their successes and apply to your games. Click here for references

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